Jan Cupit, Nolz, Ambar & Atlanta

Blog » | Posted by Agung Putri (jungti) | on Jul 26 2012 jam 3:23 PM

My other lovely repeater client who comes this June 2012 is Jan Cupit. She been to Bali 3 time and I know her since her first time to Bali at 2009 with her family. She not only client but she is also becomes my sister now. She come to Bali with 6 other girl last year when she heard that I’m pregnant she come to give me big support. And middle of June this year she come with 3 other girls for my birthday and my little girl otonan. Otonan is hindu ceremony for 6 month old baby, kind like first Birthday for the Baby, this ceremony is the symbols that the best day the baby can go down and touch the ground,  so thanks so much my lovely sister. Beside organize tour and activities like white water rafting, water sport, swim with dolphin, cycling, elephant ride, and many more activities to do in Bali, Bali Exciting Trip also organize place to stay in Bali. Our client can choose to stay at the hotel, villa or budget accommodation. All you have to do is email me at [email protected] let me know your budget for accommodation per night then I will find for you and give you some option to choose from. So, we book my sister Jan to stay at Bali Padma Hotel for 10 night. We did some tour around legian and Seminyak. We went to Denpasar city once to the gold shop, he made nice jewelry here, he also made to order. The point that they come to Bali this time of year is to see my little girl otonan something like 1st Birthday ceremony in Bali when the Baby 6 month old in Balinese calendar which is one month is 35 days so she 210 day on 23rd June 2012 and that is her 1st birthday in Bali. That was big party they come with all wine and drinks my mother in low want to serve them Balinese arak that is our Bali wine made from coconut palm tree, but arak is too strong for them. We serve Baby guling (cycling pig) for them and the entire family member, we spent all night long in Bali village. That was good experience to visit local village in Bali and enjoyed one of Balinese ceremony. We had a lot more ceremony for Hindhu religion, for the Baby we had big ceremony since they were born. This is some hindu religion ceremony for Baby in Bali, when they just born we bury baby placenta in front of home, and put big stone and some offering on the top of it. When the baby 12day we had ceremony for the baby, we believe this is the day when parents could give name for the baby, when the baby 3 month old (one month is 35 day) this is the first time for the baby can wear jewelry, then continue with otonan. Otonan is the birthday celebration, the first otonan is the first time we let the baby touch the ground. Again we celebrate otonan every 6 month or 210 days (because 1 month is 35 days) and we celebrate otonan 3 time and the 3rd otonan (when the baby around 1, 5 years) will be the big ceremony. At the 3rd otonan we cut all the baby hair. All ceremony normally we celebrate with family members and we serve babi guling. My lovely sister Jan come with her lovely friends Nolz, Atlatha, and Ambar. They my friends now, we spend a lot of time together. Me, my husband n my little Jinar come and visit them few time to Bali Padma Hotel. They are so nice. Thanks a lot for doing tour in Bali with Bali Exciting Trip