White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is the most exciting activities that we should do in Bali during your holiday beside tour activities, and Telaga Waja River are best destination for this adventures 'cause this river has Class Rapid Water from 3 till 4 grade water,so..it's will be good for Begineer and will give Challenge for Experience,and The water from the Mountain Springs Of Agung Mount,and your journey are 16 Km on the Raft or in the River arround 2,5 Hours.Once you paddle on the river, you'll enter the secret beauty of Bali. through the pure nature, wild tropical forests, over hanging trees and vines creating a thrilling beginner-class rafting course. Enjoy the extremely clear water, flows around numorous hairpin curves and experiences out breathtaking grade 3 and 4 rafting through a deeply carved valley with towering waterfalls along 16 km course.


Your escaped begins when the transport vehicle stops at the launching point in Rendang Village, where rafts lined the riverside.To the background music of the splashing, rushing river, the staff will help you choose your life jacket and helmet, techniques and safety codes. 





Rafting with full of fun and chummy atmosphere in Telega Waja River and completed with full of challenging rapids is really fantastic experience. Tracing the river with its wild and original nature can make ourselves as if we are in the real jungle of paradise. The spring-fed Telaga Waja river flows down through wild tropical jungle, passes towering trees and vines can create a thrilling beginner class rafting course. The water is extremely clear and flows around numerous hairpin curves along the 16 km course




It could be off under a waterfall halfway through, surrounded by lush Balinese Jungle. So our Rafting guide will make you have unforgettable experience and wonderful memory to bring home as a souvenir of mind from the island of paradise BALI. We are delighted to serve your requirement of the Bali Rafting Adventure and don't miss it. It is a pity if you spend your holiday in Bali without having the experience of Bali rafting